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It’s spring. First season of the year. There are flowers, blossoms, buds, tiny little leafs. And pollen. I’m allergic... but enjoying the start of a new circle of life in nature.

Outside, the plants are exploding like firework. But silent. The lovely sound is coming from the birds, singing and chirping, performing courtship displays in beautiful feather dresses.

It‘s the Season of freshness, beginning, starting, joy and activity.

It‘s the season, where all seems possible...

This is my third attempt to start blogging. The first on this website with 3 postings disappeared after trying to install an translation app... My fault. I’m not trained in website building or IT.

It’s the perfect season to start again. Whatever I want to start with. Like I do every day by standing up from my bed to start a new and fresh day. There are endless possibilities. By deciding and choosing I reduce their number. And the next day I start again...

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