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New beginning

I´m 56 years old.My friends told me, this is an age of massiv changes in life. I agree.

I start a new job- career, I will become a grandmother for the first time, my body shows weird reactions, I opened an Istagram account and did it twice ( first one I’m locked out by Instagram for too much liking other’s posts), world changed because of the Covid-1- pandemic and so much more.

Art has been my hobby. I never studied art or design or illustration at university. But I took several courses online. There are so many gorgeous teachers out there on the Internet. They share their knowledge, their skills. There are so many awesome books, also. And sometimes there were teachers in person, or friends... It took me over 10 years to be confident enough to show my art to a wider audience after I started making art more regularly. I was even too shy to show up with greeting cards for my family or close friends. When I did, luckily, they encouraged me so much... Thank you to all!

The last step of showing my art until now is this website.

The first steps to use art to generate an income are print-on-demand-shops online. The next step.... who knows. I love using colors, as my shop‘s name implies. I hope you like my creations. Creating helps me to focus on the beautiful, cheerful, awesome, magnificent, gorgeous, lovely, tender, cute, adorable ... things happening or being in my life on this wonderful planet. It would be great, you could enjoy and share some of this moments with me through my art.

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